I'm TAY!

Animator & Digital Artistshe/they. #actuallyautistic
cartoonist, list-maker, bird nerd
[email protected]

Looking for Work - Animation / FX in Games
FX Animator @ Product Madness
🟥 character animator for KID A MNESIA: Exhibition with Arbitrarily Good Productions
🌴 narrative animator for @ofkband

I love exploring opportunities to collaborate with adjacent creative fields! If you are in any of these industries and would like to commission me for art or animation, please feel free to reach out!

  • music - album & EP art, promotional art, gig posters

  • birding, conservation & ornithology - bird illustrations, informational comics

  • tattoo art - flash commission designs

  • custom discord emotes

  • D&D character art, bringing your OC to life

  • neurodivergent education - comics about being on the spectrum

  • anti-crunch / quality of life advocacy esp. in entertainment

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